Miss Universe 1995

Venus on the half-shell

What did we ever do without Photoshop?  This postcard from the Netherlands features photographic art — an homage to Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus — by Peter Gramberg, but is actually an advertising postcard for the weekly magazine HP / De Tijd.  Unlike many postcard collectors, I don’t generally mind advertising postcards (especially with themes like this one).  After all, the ad cards of today are the vintage ad cards of tomorrow.  Hey, in fifty years you might get ten bucks for this on eBay!

Here is the part where I was going to write about what was the De Tijd (“Time”) Catholic daily newspaper, how their readership declined following the end of pillarization in the Netherlands, how they merged with another pillarized publication and became a weekly magazine — but it’s late and I’m tired.  You will have to illuminate yourself today.

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2 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    LIKE! I am actually a fan of ad cards too! The best selling cards that I have are chocolate ad cards you used to be able to find in bar of Poulain Chocolate! :)

  2. postcardy says:

    I like good advertising postcards. I think I have used the advertising tag more than any other on my blog. There are a lot of good advertising postcards, but there are even more bad ones.

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