The Mouth of Truth, Rome

Why, Grandma, what a big mouth you have

This card came in a couple of weeks ago from Francesco.  I hadn’t had a chance to post it yet but, since I had such high praises for Naples yesterday, I didn’t want to give Rome short shrift.  But mostly I just wanted to post this clip from Roman Holiday.  Gregory Peck will tell you all about La Bocca della Verità so I don’t have to.  All you need to know is that Audrey Hepburn has escaped from her life in captivity as a princess, and thinks she’s pulling the wool over Gregory Peck’s eyes, while he has kept hidden the fact that he’s a reporter who has seen through her disguise:

It’s been said that his little joke was unscripted and that her reactions were absolutely genuine; either way, I’m glad this scene made it into the move.

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  1. Marie says:

    God she’s breathtaking! Her reaction sure does look genuine! That is 100 procent pure terror!

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