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Malaysian postage stamp showing traditional dress“Slowly and with deliberation, the watchmaker practices his gentle craft and tames the tyrant of the modern era.”  This is a striking view (if you’ll pardon the rather esoteric pun) from Malaysia, courtesy of Lyan, who’s feeling imajicated.  She says, “This photo looks rather vintage to me… I only saw antique clocks like these in my grandma’s house.”  Lyan is still pretty young, and she doesn’t understand is that old dudes like me and the watchmaker are perfectly content to keep doing what we do, and eventually become part of our collections.  Also, the door and the spray-painted address number are a dead giveaway that this watchmaker works in a modern industrial district, and these aspects make the photo all the more an important commentary on modern life.

I do have a quibble with the stamp she used, showing traditional Malay costumes.  The costumes cover up the women and expose the men, while everybody knows you’re supposed to do the exact opposite.  Am I right, people?

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4 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    We need to cover the bride up a bit more! Opera gloves and a ski mask perhaps! Less is more when it comes to MEN! I’m thinking that a fig leaf might be the best look for him!

  2. imajica says:

    wow my card looks so good in your blog! :D

    and the stamp.. it’s one from the series of ethnics wedding costume .. and if I’m not mistaken this particular stamp shows Orang Ulu ethnic (from Borneo part of Malaysia). The set also includes costume of The Malays, Chinese, Indians and Bajaus, you can take a look at the full set picture here.


  3. Thanks for that link; the postmark obscured “Orang Ulu” enough that it didn’t click in my mind which ethnic group this might be. The whole stamp series is great!

  4. Joanne Smith says:

    i was wondering if i could find out where this photo was taken…

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