Two for Tuesday: Naples

Marco was kind enough to send me two beautiful cards from Naples, Italy, so I thought I’d use them to inaugurate a new feature called Two for Tuesday.  Really it’s just a way to remove the guilt from skipping a day here and there, like I did last Saturday.  First off, a panorama of the city:

"Foreshortening panoramic street Partenope and Saint Lucy"

"Foreshortening Panoramic"This card attempts the same description in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese; the English description reads “Foreshortening panoramic street Partenope and Saint Lucy”.  Looks like somebody’s Babel Fish is playing tricks on them; I believe that the correct English translation is “panoramic view of Via Partenope and Santa Lucia”.

The Russian translation is even worse; it reads “Foreshortening panoramic улица Partenope и Святой Lucy”.  German is probably the most accurate; however, I can’t speak to the Chinese version.  Nevertheless, the view is stunning; it’s a great oversized postcard.  I don’t think we could get away with these colors in the US; our architecture isn’t suited for it.  But here it’s gorgeous.


Naples: San Gregorio Armeno

Uncancelled Italian StampsThe second card shows the Via San Gregorio Armeno (“Saint Gregory of Armenia Street”), also in Naples, where — well, I’ll let Marco explain: “This postcard shows the famous street of the Nativity scene makers. On this street, many handcraftsmen create true masterpieces of miniature, to decorate the Neapolitan Crib (presepe in Italian). Most shops are open all year, but a good period to visit the street is in September – November, when all the handcraftsmen start to prepare their shops for the busy Christmas time. During Christmas time, more than half a million tourists come to see the shops with the original miniature figurines, and the shops are especially busy.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

In case you don’t already think Marco is awesome, he also found three age-appropriate cards for each of the grandsons, and tied up each group with a personalized gold ribbon.  He also sent the envelope with a number of interesting Italian stamps, which came all the way from Italy without being cancelled.

It turns out that Marco is a great fan of all things American, especially New York City.  I sent Marco a similar number of cards, trying to find as many as I could that were as uniquely American as possible, including an NYC postcard that I hope he will find very dear.

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  1. Marie says:

    They are just gorgeous! Marco is a postcrossing hero! There is a blog called lost in translation where you can post nutty ways Babelfish has translated your text:) Fun!

  2. Postcardy says:

    The street with the Nativity scene makers is very interesting. Since it fits this months theme for my Postcard Scavenger Hunt (handicrafts) I am going to put a comment there with a link to your post.

  1. 24 April 2011

    […] in a couple of weeks ago from Francesco.  I hadn’t had a chance to post it yet but, since I had such high praises for Naples yesterday, I didn’t want to give Rome short shrift.  But mostly I just wanted to post this clip from […]

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