A Texan’s Map of the USA

A Gin-u-wine Texan's Map of the U.S.A. (No Bull)

Howdy from Texas (Tejas): This ain’t no bull. We ain’t never heard of Alasky. We’ve always been the biggest. Why, Brewster County in Texas is bigger than the whole state of Rhode Island. YA’LL COME (EVER CHANCE YE GIT).”

This unused postcard came to me from the collection of a young man called Wart, who travelled the country in 1981, mostly by bus.  He sent a lot of cards back home to his parents in Stone Mountain, Georgia, writing of his travels (mostly location updates), but he also seems to have hand-carried back a lot of unused ones, too.

You should definitely click on the map — uh, I mean postcard — and take a look at the Texas versions of the other state’s names.  Ohio, for example, is called “Oh-H-Ten” (O-H-IO).  That’s similar to a certain kind of problem we get occasionally in the computer field: there’s nothing wrong with the computer per se, but it has an I.D.-Ten-T issue.

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2 Responses

  1. Barry Biesen says:

    Just wanted to let you know… Alaska is over two times the size of Texas.
    Have a Nice day

  2. ummm says:

    ^^^ i don’t think they get it……. GO BACK HOME U YANKEEEE lmao

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