American Soldiers Marching Down the Rue Royale

American soldiers celebrate Bastille Day, 1918

“American Soldiers marching down the Rue Royal, July 14th, 1918, in the parade celebrating the Independence Day of France. In the background is seen La Madeleine, formerly the temple of glory which Napoleon I built in honor of the ‘Grande Armée’.”  From a painting by Josephe-Félix Bouchor, official painter to the French armies, who both saw and painted World War I.

This card was a gift from Eddy at D’hier à aujourd’hui (From Yesterday to Today), who presents antique picture postcards of Paris along with modern images of the same scenes.

A clarification: Bastille Day (or, as the French call it, the 14th of July), is not exactly “the Independence Day of France”; it simply marks the start of the French Revolution, in 1789.  Granted, there are military parades during the day and fireworks at night, but nobody in France is having people over for a cookout or drinking a toast to the Revolution.  More’s the pity.

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4 Responses

  1. N.B.: Sadly, Eddy’s blog was deactivated some time ago, for reasons still unknown to me.

  2. Beth says:

    How VERY beautiful.

    I’m sorry I am coming by so late for Postcard Friendship Friday. As you probably know, our parents were involved in a roll-over accident on the freeway and are both now recovering, leaving little time for blogging. I had a few minutes just now, though, so here I am.

    Happy PFF!

  3. postcardy says:

    I was wondering what happened to Eddy…I remember I had some problems visiting that blog, but I can’t remember what the problems were.

  4. Beth says:

    I had to laugh–Dad is 83, and though he loves his computer, he does not blog, or care to look at blogs. He’s more of a hands on kinda guy. Wood carving, and other crafty things. I’m thinking crochet? Thanks for your kind comments–I laughed over Stephen King joke.

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