Budva, Montenegro

How Ana spent her summer vacation

Rack of Postcards in Budva, MontenegroThis card arrived a few days ago from Ana, hostess of My World of Postcards, who spent part of her summer in the Montenegrin Riviera.  She had sent it to an old post office box that I don’t have any more but, thankfully, the card was able to find me, all the way from the postcard rack where she first found it, pictured at right.  If you had asked me from what countries I never expected to have a card, Montenegro would certainly be at the top of the list.

Montenegro has an interesting history, first established as a political entity (originally called Duklja) in the year 1042, but has only occasionally been independent since then.  Throughout most of the 20th Century, it was unified with Serbia, but most recently declared independence in 2006.

By contrast, there is evidence that Budva was originally settled as long ago as the 5th Century B.C.  In the photo, you can see the influence of the Venetian Republic on the architecture; Venice had the strongest military and the most cultural influence throughout the region during the Middle Ages.

Austrian Postcard of Budva, circa 1900 (Wikimedia)

Budva has become quite the summer vacation hotspot, with good weather and great beaches.  Thanks to the popularity, the real estate market has been flooded with foreign buyers, and what was once a poor fishing village now has Europe’s greatest number of millionaires per capita.

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  1. miss Yves says:

    Wonderful views !
    Thank for your visit on my blog .
    This kind of mailbox isn’t an old one, it’s very usual in Normandy, I supposed it’s a, English model but a blogger told me it’s certainely German …

  2. Stephanie says:

    What a fabulous place to spent a summer vacation!

  3. frippery says:

    How beautiful. A bit “otherworldly”. I had a friend who visited the area last year during a 6 week trek and sent e-travelogues home. He thoroughly enjoyed himself there. Fascinating turn of the century view.

  4. Ana says:

    ahh, memories…..

    funny thing is, one doesnt need to go far to some exotic popular place to enjoy himself and have a holiday of a life time…it can be the place in the nearest vicinity, which many people consider boring or third-class….but it can offer you so many unforgettable moments…if you just know how to use the opportunities given to you, and enjoy them to the fullest! Sending postcards from *the last expected country* surely is one of the things that brought lot of joy, hehehehehe :D

    the foreign buyers you are talking about, come mainly from Russia…according to some natives i talked to, this is coz former Yugoslavia had some debts towards the Russians, so this is how they are paying back to them, by selling the land/real estate…and if you go to Montenegro, you’d be astonished at the number of Russian people…even notice boards around are written more in Russian than English or Montenegrin…at least i got to learn a bit from it, so nothing is in vain :)

    thanks for posting it!

  5. montenegro says:

    Wow – the most number of millionaires per capita! Must be some tax breaks to be had! Good bye Monaco, hello Budva…

  1. 19 October 2009

    […] me as an oddity, and not only because it is my first card from Serbia. (Well, unless you count this card from Budva, Montenegro, but they split from Serbia in 2006.) No, the odd thing about it is that, on the front, it presents […]

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