Tourism Year of the Americas ’72

Virtual tourism, pre-Internet

I love this blast from the past: a postal card produced as one of a series by the United States Postal Service promoting tourism.  Despite the phrase “the Americas”, I’m reasonably sure that the only America being promoted here is the United States.  One thing that strikes me about this card is that, in the three vignettes that feature a happy couple, the man seems to be explaining the significance of each view to his more ignorant female companion.  Way to go, 1972!  (Also, I’m pretty sure that you shouldn’t be touching the Liberty Bell, doofus.)

This particular card is the air mail version (back when such distinctions were made); it includes air mail postage of 15 cents.  The Missive Maven added a vintage stamp to bring the card up to date for mailing.

I removed the message; it's none of your beeswax

Seems that the Maven sent a domestic issue of this postal card to her grandfather, which probably places me in very good company.  To me, she begins her message, “Hello Chris Overstreet, Wild Postcard man.”  Ooh, I kinda like that.

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link and the cheery post. I do save the vintage airmail postcards for those I think will appreciate them, so you’re in good company with my grandfather, indeed.

  2. postcardy says:

    I was thinking of posting this series. Maybe I will still do it– I think it would be interesting to see them all together,. I have the series in the envelope they came in.

    I didn’t realize there were two versions. Also didn’t notice the “happy couple.”

  3. my REAL wall says:

    On the 11th of July 2009 you also sent me the postcard that is on my REAL wall! yay!

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