Didgeridoo? Didjeridu?  Aw, heck, it's a didge

Thea sent me this card “in honor of the didge languishing on (my) wall.”  Yes, it’s true: I have a didgeridoo that I treat as an objet d’art because of my complete inability to make a single note come out of the thing.  I think I just have too much chin for it.

Kings and queens and kangaroos

My wife and I have a living room parlor that is as Victorian as possible under modern circumstances, and one of the things that Victorians did was to decorate with (read: show off) souvenirs of their travels.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been to Australia; the didge was a gift from a friend.  Above the didge, however, is a Sunday supplement from a 1939 Canadian newspaper showing King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (later The Queen Mother), still in its contemporary frame, and is a genuine souvenir of our trip to the Maritime Provinces.

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