Reimlingertor Gate, Nördlingen, Germany

Medieval Times

This reprint of an old postcard seems to be one of a series published in Nördlingen, Germany, entitled Alte Ansictskarten von Nördlingen (“Old Postcards of Nördlingen), and came to me from Beate, who grew up not too far from there. Pictured is one of eleven gates in the medieval Stadmauer (“city walls”), which are still very well preserved.

Beate also gave me a tip for dating older German postcards. The manufacturer’s address shows a four-digit postal code, and she tells me that Germany started using five-digit codes in 1993. Copycats! Maybe that’s why we expanded to nine digits. (As it happens, this postcard is labeled “Reprint 1984”.)

Unlike most postcards I received, this one arrived in an envelope — an actual air mail envelope! I didn’t think they were used much anymore.

Hör auf, so laut in dieser nervigen sprache zu reden

Speaking of air mail, why don’t you fly on over to Postcard Friendship Friday and take a look around?  Today’s in-flight menu contains extra cheese.

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  1. Seems like an interesting city to visit. I also liked the stamp of Heinz Erhardt.

  2. Dave Dubé says:

    Chris, They are still made, and occasionally the USPS will produce an airmail ‘coverletter’ or letter envelope with a printed image of a stamp plus the lozenges as the markings are called that surround the envelope. I like images of old buildings, or old images that contain buildings. You’ve reminded me that I have a USPS postal card that has an error on it – it is missing the red color, and it is striking because it was the postal card that had a red barn on it. It looks rather weird with all the red missing.

  3. I lived in Nancy (France) for almost a year (over 30 yrs ago) and I’ll always remember the lovely Porte de la Craffe. I love towns/cities with these gates.

  4. Snap says:

    Wonderful card! Enjoyed the envelope and the stamps, too.

  5. Sheila says:

    That’s a wonderful card, a great feeling of history. Maybe, like me, Beate has a stack of old envelopes she doesn’t like to throw away. Now I have a use for them.

  6. Candy says:

    Thanks for the translation. I was going to meet with my Spanish speaking friend and get some help. BABELFISH wasn’t very helpful on this count.
    Your German postcard makes me want to dig mine out and see what I have…from visits long ago.

  7. Robin says:

    Great postcard…..and i love those stamps as well. :-)

    Have a beautiful weekend

  8. BeachILike says:

    You have great collection, thanks for stop by my blog.

    I’ve gift for you, you can select one among three :)

    You Got A Posty
    All Little Things I Like

  9. Marie says:

    Es ist recht nett alte Ansichtskarten aus Deutschland zu sehen jetzt das ich hier wohne:)

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