Two for Tuesday: Creepy Children

Have you ever noticed children, with their large, out of proportion, frequently misshapen heads? Heads so big that it takes them at least three months to be able to lift it with any degree of reliability? Anatomically they seem to be closer to adult little green men than to adult human beings, and yet we’re programmed to think they’re adorable.

Perhaps you’ll rethink that stance after seeing these postcards:

Makes baby's head grow big and strong

Blédine seems to be France’s answer to Pablum; upon reaching baby’s stomach, I suspect that Blédine surrenders more easily. I had thought that the Pablum folks went out of business long ago, but apparently Pablum was acquired by and is still made by the H.J. Heinz Company. Both Blédine and Pablum are marketed around the world, but neither is readily available here in the U.S., so far as I know.

Another in our series, "Is this supposed to be art?"

This is an ad card from Studio Gallery in San Francisco for their 2005 show “Fun + Games: Work Inspired by Toys, Games, Sports & Fun”. It’s just not in me to understand how finding a couple of creepy dolls in the dumpster and putting them on display can be in any way construed as art; maybe that’s why I have a job instead of drawing government subsidies from the NEA.

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7 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    Creepy with a capitol C! These could double as Halloween cards:)

  2. PostMuse says:

    Art is supposed to evoke a reaction. I suspect the artist doesn’t much care if the reaction is anger or love. I get spitting mad every time I go to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, but I still go because it is one of the only places in this city that gives me hope that when I left Boston five years ago I didn’t move from harlequin to vanilla.

  3. postcardy says:

    They don’t really look creepy to me, but then they don’t look very adorable either. Babies remind me of the almost 13 pound newborn I saw on the local news yesterday.

  4. Christine says:

    These look like the Campbell’s Soup kids used to look, before they went on a diet. Be careful what you say; the one on the end is wearing boxing gloves!

  5. dmarks says:

    I think the Campbells Soup Kids are creepy too.

  6. Am says:

    Actually, I kind of like that particular style of drawing – and note that this kind of style used to be in vogue with artists in the 1920s and ’30s. I would collect these cards, except we can’t find any here. =(

  7. i’m going with creepy here! although this post really made me chuckle…and i have really enjoy the ironic spin you put on many posts…look forward to following this blog!

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