University of Texas Tower

Mmm, orange popsicle

Sense Corp Texas 4000 for Cancer“This image is a photo of the UT Tower taken after the 2006 National Championship. It is the Central Administration Building of the University and on special occasions of academic achievement and athletic victories, the tower is lit up orange. Photo by Dr. Marvin L. Hackert.”

This postcard arrived yesterday from Kathryn in Austin, Texas, who says that she’s in her last year of university. Also, she says, “I love your website!” Now that’s the way to win me over. Finally, and most importantly, Kathryn is involved with The Sense Corp Texas 4000 for Cancer and plans to ride a bicycle from Austin all the way to Anchorage, Alaska next summer, to raise money in the fight against cancer. Click on the logo and see if you can help. If Kathryn can pedal 4,500 miles, surely there’s some small thing that you can do.

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