USS Enterprise

The eighth ship to bear the name Enterprise

“Artist’s conception of the 1101-foot long, 252-foot canted deck Attack Carrier, the Navy’s most powerful offensive weapon. Built by the Newport News (Va.) Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, she was christened by Mrs. William B. Franke (wife of the then-Secretary of the Navy. — Ed.) on September 24, 1960. A flight deck, five city blocks long, and over a block wide, makes the ENTERPRISE the largest ship afloat and the first to be driven by atomic power.” She’s the eighth ship to bear the name Enterprise.

After 49 years, not only is she still afloat, but she’s still the fastest aircraft carrier in the world. I’d say the American people got their money’s worth on this one. Happy anniversary, Enterprise!

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    Hi Chris,
    I love your blog. I was wondering, though, why you put the postcards stamp on all of your postcards and why you copyright the site. I know some other websites do it too. I don’t do it on mine and I’m wondering if there is a reason I should? Am I missing something?

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