Algiers, via Manama

Post Office, Algiers

Bahrain Postage StampsSo, naturally, my first postcard sent from Bahrain would feature Algiers, the capital of Algeria, some 2,800 miles away. This somewhat-dated postcard appears to feature what’s probably the main post office in Algiers. Like so many countries, the post office there also seems to control telephone service, as evidenced by the signage / inscription on the building (just under the top row of windows; you can click on the postcard to see a larger image).

The sender, a young Bahraini girl, confirms my impression that this is an older card by stating that Algeria “doesn’t look like this anymore”, implying that she has visited there recently. She’s also somewhat displeased at the lack of variety in Bahraini postage stamps; I can certainly see her point.

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