Art is _________.

Art is running late, but he'll be here in a few minutes

Last month PostMuse got a postcard just like this one from Am, posted it on Postcrossing, and invited one and all to fill in the blank. Am must have thought my comment was cute and she likes this blog (not to mention Girls Go Postal) so she sent another one along. It’s an ad/contest card for the Singapore Art Show, which started on 21 August and ends tomorrow, 4 October. (Actually, I think it’s already tomorrow in Singapore as I write this. ¬†Oh well.) One was invited to “paint, scribble, etch or glue your answer” onto the postcard and send it in.

My smartass — uh, witty — comment was, “Art is running late, but he’ll be here in a few minutes.” By all means, feel free to fill in the blank yourself.

2 Responses

  1. postcardy says:

    ART is not boring.

  2. Chris, I received my first postcard from someone in Tempere, Finland the other day! Never heard of the place before this and now I hear about it twice! Your caption for the postcard is very funny! :) I have a PFF post up! :)

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