P. Ramlee Birthplace

A souvenir of the birthplace ("birth house") of P. Ramlee

Lyan was very excited to have been able to visit the birthplace (now a museum) of P. Ramlee (1929-1973), an actor, director, and singer/songwriter, and an entertainment icon in Malaysia. I can’t help but notice that she selected this very dashing, shirtless portrait of Ramlee, when there were no doubt other options — say, Ramlee (seen with his guitar) in one of his comedic roles:

The stamps denote the “1Malaysia” initiative. Malaysia is a very diverse culture, comprised of native Malay and other indigenous┬ápeoples, as well as ethnic Tamils and other Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many more groups. 1Malaysia recognizes this diversity, but encourages unity by celebrating the unique Malaysian culture.

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3 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    He was quite dashing. Poor fellow didn’t live very long!

  2. imajica says:

    Hey I selected this picture coz it was one of the most famous pics of P.Ramlee (or make it, the most famous shirtless pic of him :P) I WISH they published better postcards on him and the movies though.
    Regarding the 1Malaysia stamp, I think it’s more accurate if you said Borneo Indigenous, or Eurasians, or Thais instead of Vietnamese.. I cant remember if I know Vietnamese people living in Malaysia.
    Anyway it’s always great to see my postcard on someone’s blog, yay to you! :D

  3. Lydia says:

    Handsome man with a winning smile. Never heard of him. I appreciated the info on him and on the culture.

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