Spearing Sturgeon in the Lower Dells

Ouch! Speared him right in the Dells

Is it me, or does this sturgeon look surprised? “The Lower Dells has always had an abundant supply of sturgeon. This photo by H. H. Bennett, pioneer landscape photographer of the Dells, was made in the late 1880s. The spear fisherman stands at the cribs near the present dam.”

Postmarked next Tuesday, it's mail from the future!

This Wisconsin postcard came from Tim in Indiana via Maine or, as Tim puts it, “a Wisconsin postcard sent by a Hoosier with a Maine postmark.” Turns out that Tim has three Mailer’s Postmark Permits, one of which was issued in Meddybemps, Maine. Mail postmarked by the mailer has to be mailed from the post office which issued the permit, so Tim would have had to postmark this card with an advance date, put it in an envelope, mail it to Meddybemps, and ask the postmaster there to mail it on the correct date. As you can see, the postmaster didn’t wait; this postcard is postmarked next Tuesday.

Sure, it seems like a lot of trouble, but who else can postmark their own mail with the word “Meddybemps”?

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2 Responses

  1. Janeen says:

    Greetings Chris! Oh my stars~Look at that sturgeon! I’m going to have to show this card to my Man… the fisherman. He’s going lurve it! By the way, that was interesting about the Meddybemps stamps. ha ha

  2. Christine says:

    Let me try to use Meddybemps in a sentence:

    He scared the Meddybemps out of me.

    Sadly, my mother put my teddy bear, Meddybemps, in the washing machine.

    Those lying politicians found themselves in a bit of a Meddybemps.

    I fall down and get Meddybemps.

    O.K., O.K, I’ll stop now.

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