Frankenmuth Chicken Dinners

Here are a couple of postcards from the 1960s, extolling the virtues of stopping by Frankenmuth, Michigan, for dinner. First, Frankenmuth’s Bavarian Inn: “In Frankenmuth, where the population is only 1700, 600,000 special dinners are served annually. Here the gemuetlichkeit of Old Bavaria blends with the hospitality of New America. World famous for Frankenmuth family style chicken and other dinners.”

New America? Well, I guess it was a little newer when this postcard was produced. But the Bavarian Inn folks make you the fine print on the back of this postcard to hear about delicious chicken. Zehnder’s, on the other hand, gets straight to the point:

Call me what you want, just don’t call me late for chicken dinners. And a Happy Birthday to my friend Nicole, who is quite the Frankenmuth fan.

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3 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    It looks like the Zehnder’s card picture was taken in the mid-fifties by the look of the cars out front. The Bavarian Inn has early sixties models.
    I have several of these postcards in my collection. The family used to visit there whenever they wanted their cholesterol pumped up. The fried chicken was good there but didn’t stand a chance against my grandmother from Missouri who fried in recycled lard. I think Zehnder’s used one of the healthier vegetable oils. Who knows, by now they could be serving baked or broiled chicken to health conscious gray hairs.

  2. Christine says:

    I also have a few of the Frankechicken cards. I am now very curious about this famous chicken. There must be some other reason to go to Michigan, so I have an excuse to stop by here.

  3. David Burk says:

    Been to the Bavarian Inn and Zehnders many times as a kid. I grew up in the thumb area of Michigan and our family had many dinners there. Great chicken!!! MPPC #58

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