Subway Shanghai

So much fine print, and in Chinese! I’m not sure that this postcard/map is of a large enough scale to be useful, since I can’t even make out the characters without my glasses, and even then just barely. Clicking on the map gives me a scale that might be useful. Guess if I ever find myself on the subway in Shanghai, I’ll have to bring along an iPad. And a Chinese dictionary.

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6 Responses

  1. and if all else fail, google translate is also your friend. :)
    Thanks for joining us.

  2. China is one of the few countries in my list that I dread being lost. With no iPad, GPS, or any other gadget and second to none map-reading skills, that would be the end of me!

  3. Hazelicious says:

    I could never ever read in Chinese. Maybe if I was young and had the chance to learn it, I would. I love learning and I embrace different cultures. Because that’s just the way of life. Everything has a reason and purpose. Mine is up Postcard Perfect Entry.

  4. Tsang says:

    Visiting from postcard perfect, this is another rare postcard i have seen today

  5. cheerful says:

    well, i might be scared if i get lost in the midst of china, hehehe…and this card, i don’t think it would help me at all. hehehe! but it is unique for a postcard, i was wondering what’s in the mind of sender when he is sending it to you! :) anyway, sorry for visiting late…have a great weekend!

  6. Yoyo says:

    I am originally from Shanghai. When I left to the US in 2007, there were only four metro lines. Now there are a lot! I like you website. Very prosperous!

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