There’s Never Enough Time

Time for Chinese Tea and Scrabble in Paris

Tea time? Perhaps it’s time for Chinese tea and Scrabble under the Eiffel Tower. Isis sent me this card in September 2014 from Hong Kong. She translates the Chinese-language caption: “Time bites people. If you don’t go forward, you’ll get hurt. Treasure your time, and don’t let yourself regret.” Sounds like good advice to me. Time, if you’ll pardon the pun, for another card:

It's 6:48. Do you know where your alarm clock is?

It’s 6:48. Do you know where your alarm clock is? Katya sent me this card from Novosibirsk, a month shy of three years ago. Despite the autumnal mood of this card, she was trapped in winter, and dreaming of spring. And speaking of dreams…

Dali, What Makes You Tick?

Photographer Philippe Halsman must have drawn on some rather surreal dreams when he asked the question, “Dali, what makes you tick?” Dede had set this card aside for me back in June of 2011 with the idea that she’d be able to tag me somewhere in the Postcrossing forums but, the next thing she knew, my name came up for her on Walltype (now Postcard United). It was time for a coincidence, I suppose.

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