Borscht Recipe Russian Postcard

Russian Stamps - Kremlin, Fox, RabbitNothing says romance like a little red beet soup. Actually, I’ve had borscht, and it’s not that bad — but heaven help you if you spill any on your shirt. Those stains will never come out.

Accompanying our red soup on this postcard from Tatiana in Togliatty are some Russian stamps of a hare and a fox, and some lovely reddish stamps of the Kremlin in Moscow.

How better to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with the color red? The folks at Sunday Stamps agree. Stop by and see a little red for yourself.

4 Responses

  1. Violet S says:

    I do like a good home made borscht (especially the dollop of sour cream).
    And those Kremlin stamps are a favourite of mine.
    Happy to have you join us!!

  2. FinnBadger says:

    A great combination for the snowy weather here today.

  3. Eva says:

    Yummy red postcard!

  4. Bob Scotney says:

    Love the fox and the hare; I’d settle for borscht for lunch too.

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