Joseph and Dinah

Joseph and Dinah Postcard from Latvia

Stamps from Latvia, with Riga PostmarkFrom Aleksa in Latvia comes this production photo of (from what I can make out, anyway; the description in in Latvian) a stage version of the play “Joseph and His Brothers” (“Jāzeps un viņa brāļi”) from 1956, with Jūlijs Bebrišs (1931-1993) in the role of Joseph, and Velta Līne (1923-2012) in the role of Dinah. For further biographical details of these characters, I refer you to the Book of Genesis; it is not for the squeamish.

Postcard Friendship Friday!What with Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s only fitting that love is the theme for today’s Postcard Friendship Friday. Check out the other blogs celebrating today, and swoon.

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  1. Beth says:

    I love this postcard! It is just beautiful and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thank you for posting, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Postcard Friendship Friday! <3

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