Rizal Avenue, Manila

Rizal Avenue, Manila Vintage Postcard

One of the main thoroughfares through Manila is Avenida Rizal; here we see it through the lens of 1967, as published by JMC Press of Quezon City, Philippines. The avenue features shops and malls, movie theaters, and historic places like the Manila Grand Opera Hotel (formerly the Manila Grand Opera House). Laid down in 1911, Rizal Avenue was Manila’s longest street for many decades. It was named for José Rizal, an anti-colonial hero during the Spanish colonial period. “Rizal” has become one of the most popular names for streets throughout the Philippines.

Lou Gopal has a remarkably complete pictorial history of Rizal Avenue at his Manila Nostalgia site, with descriptions and photos of the avenue from the 1920s through today, including the Japanese occupation and the Battle of Manila.

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