Super Awesome Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer Super Awesome Postcard

As a huge fan of Archie McPhee, I can’t believe I didn’t know that they had some postcards available. Fortunately, Soozcat found my blog and set me straight with this surprise Super Awesome postcard on the subject of snake charmers: “They play music on a crazy gourd lute to control the minds of snakes. The snakes get hypnotized by the sound of the music and will do anything the charmer says, like steal watches from tourists or bite a policeman.” Or perhaps even bite tourists and steal watches from policemen. Who’s to say?

In return, I’ll surprise Soozcat (spoiler alert!) by participating in her Wish I Were Here: Postcards from Imaginary Places mailart project, in which I’ll send her a postcard telling her what I’m doing in a place that doesn’t actually exist. My art skills are few, but hopefully she’ll appreciate my imagination. Send her a card — and, while you’re at it, you could be like Soozcat and send me one too!

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  1. Soozcat says:

    Yay, it arrived undamaged! *funky snake charmer dance*

    In fact, Archie McPhee has SCADS of unusual, awesome, vintage and random postcards at their flagship (and so far only) store in Seattle. Next time you’re up this way, you really should check it out. And thank you for shamelessly plugging the Wish I Were Here project!

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