On a Western Dude Ranch

Howdy, pardners!

This is a Union Pacific Railroad Pictorial Post Card — basically a commercial that you get to pay for. “A summer vacation outing on one of these Western guest ranches provides zestful recreation and healthful activities that can scarcely be duplicated elsewhere.” Well, with the possible exception of nudist colonies. Oh, forgive me, I didn’t mean to interrupt the commercial message: “Union Pacific Railroad serves the Dude Ranch country.” Ah, there it is.

Despite the lack of mention on the card, this is an obvious Curt Teich card, number 6B-H1205, with the number indicating manufacture in 1946. I know that Teich manufactured cards on spec for hundreds of organizations, but I can’t recall any other card that doesn’t have his publication data on it. I am amazed at how much of the original color remains. Our friend Lloyd Stoltz posted it to fellow collector Kay Anthony on March 12, 1952, from his home in Reading, PA.

Lloyd has changed his address.

Lloyd begins with “Greetings, Kay,” then immediately follows it with “D” in quotation marks; two small X’s, one on top of the other; then a long dash (for you computer geeks, I mean an em dash as opposed to an en dash or hyphen). Could Lloyd have invented the emoticon? He continues: “Could use one of these horses to catch up. Please note the change of address, just to keep in touch with you. Having an awful tough time trying to get straightened out or back to normal, if such a thing is possible? Here’s hoping you are doing fine. Joyful Wishes Pal,” and then he signs it with his own “LS” ideogram.

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