Women in Military Service

I love a woman in uniform.

"Women in Our Armed Services" 3-cent Stamp (Four-Block with Tag)For Postcard Friendship Friday — and the Friday before we celebrate our Independence Day — I would like to present these reminders that American men have not been the only guardians of our freedom.  The United States Postal Service apparently felt that the theme of women who protect and defend us is worth repeating as well.

The postcard pictured is a Postal Service-issued postcard that reproduces the “Women in Military Service” 32-cent stamp, issued on 18 October 1997, which was also the date of the dedication of the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at the gates of Arlington National Cemetery.  A 3-cent stamp with a very similar theme (but which unfortunately omitted the Coast Guard) was issued on 11 September 1952.  The Department of Defense used the latter stamp to impress upon women the option of a military career.

Although the Postal Service has issued other stamps honoring individual women who served or contributed — pioneers in aviation, medicine, and other fields — I think that these stamps say it best.

My favorite woman in uniform (excluding those with whom I served) is without a doubt Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (1906-1992), a pioneer in computing.  Among other achievements, she brought forth the idea that we could program computers using words and syntax that resembled human languages, instead of having to use the ones and zeroes of the machine.  (She’s also credited with the saying that “It’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission” which, in my opinion, is how most progress is made.)

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13 Responses

  1. Fascinating post. Nice idea to make a postcard of a stamp and to repeat a good stamp idea. Women in the Dutch army is a non-subject apparently. There was never a stamp for those women, but there are no stamps for the men too. Dtange. Why not, you made me wonder. Greetings from Amsterdam.

  2. debby says:

    WOW!! This is a great post. Love the postcard, so beautiful. Happy 4th of July and PFF!

  3. postcardy says:

    It’s interesting the way they tried to represent a variety of ethnic groups on the 32¢ stamp.

  4. Thank you so much for this post.
    This week I’ve been reading W.L. White’s book “They Were Expendable” which recounts the WWII experiences of the American MTB Squadron 3 in the Philippines (MTB = Motor Torpedo Boats). the story is quite amazing and I was particularly moved to read about the actions of the nurses as war raged around them.
    This is a nurse at work during a bombing raid:
    “… all of a sudden the lights went out, but in half a minute the girls had produced flashlights. I remember Peggy standing there holding a flashlight on a guy’s naked back on the operating table while a doctor probed for some shrapnel in his kidney. You could see her face and those steady blue-green eyes of hers by the light reflected back up from this guy’s back, and just then there was a terrific crunching bang – a bomb had landed right outside the tunnel entrance-and with it a sudden blast of air through the tunnel. It wasn’t nice, and yet I don’t think Peggy’s hand even wobbled.”
    I find it particularly inspiring because apparently the base is about to be over-run by the enemy and it’s hard to imagine working in the face of such fear.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  5. Terry says:

    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday to you .
    What a fantastic post today.
    Not only are they fabulous stamps but a wonderful part of history too.
    Thank you for sharing this important information today .
    So many great contributions have been made it is good to be reminded of them .
    Happy 4th of July to you .
    Have a very happy weekend.
    Happy Trails

  6. Robin says:

    Here Here!….God bless our women in uniform.

    Have a most beautiful 4th of July weekend

  7. Marina Miranda says:

    a beautiful tribute!
    thanks for all information and so great postcard !
    cool idea!
    happy PFF

  8. gorgeous stamp…feeling nostalgic over stamps prior to the 44-cent ones we have now.

  9. dmarks says:

    Glad that it included the Coast Goard, which is often the “forgotten service”, and left out of such depictions and lists.

  10. Sheila says:

    A very interesting post. I think stamp postcards are very attractive but I never seem to see any. I really like the sound of Grace Hopper!

  11. redlan says:

    One of the beautiful stamps I’ve ever so. So perfect!

  12. redlan says:

    I’ve ever see*

  13. I had the pleasure of breaking up that four-block of stamps yesterday. I used one of the stamps for postage, on a postcard to a young lady serving aboard the Destroyer USS Paul Hamilton.

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