Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn

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Alaskan PostmarkThis is one of two postcards that arrived yesterday from Kris, featuring “World Famous Skinny Dick’s: Spirits, food and Skinny’s Souvenir Shop” in Ester, Alaska. While I might stop by for a drink sometime, I don’t know if I’d want to eat here.

Lest you think that Kris is a sexist cad, you should know that Skinny Dick’s is owned by two women. Also, the other postcard he sent me the same day is much more genteel.

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  1. joseph pacheco says:

    Just to set the records straight.. Skinny Dicks is Not owned by two women!! the New owner who purchased the legendary roadside inn from Skinny is Brooke Tayler… Although I am not 100 percent sure (not) he most surredly a man…. the beard kinda gives that away…. and with his wife Teri, their food and libations are fantastic!!!! Being from Colorado and spending the last 2 weeks traveling Alaska, one of our fondest memories was of Skinny’s!! They are extremly gracious hosts thier food, beer and entertainment were unforgetable!!!

  1. 26 September 2009

    […] a look at his other postcard. It’s shocking, but it’s in the public interest to learn what happens after the rescue. Share this on FacebookTweet This!Share this on del.icio.usDigg this!Share this on RedditShare this […]

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