Stříbro, Czech Republic

Nice Greetings from Stříbro

Eva sends greetings from the Czech Republic with this card from Stříbro, a town about 20 km from her home. She tells me that the name of the town comes from the Czech word for “silver”; the town was settled as a mining town in the 13th Century.

Czech PostageAt first I had some trouble learning more about the town, not realizing that the town’s name morphed into Stříbra on the front of the card, being the object of the sentence. But ultimately I was able to find out that, outside of the Czech Republic, the town was historically referred to by its German name of Mies, after the river which runs through it. It’s also in the Pilsen region, from whence comes Pilsener beer. You can check out their municipal website, seemingly designed by a 12-year-old, or jump straight to their live webcam, which I have thoughtfully run through a translator.

That word hezký on the front of the card seems to be one of those catch-all words, like güzel in Turkish or nice in English. (There’s also another Czech word, pěkný, which seems to do the same thing.) A hezký den is a nice day, while a hezký muž is a handsome man.

This card was produced by Karel Thomayer, publishers of postcards and other non-periodicals.

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