Loveland Ski Area, Colorado

Loveland Ski Area, Colorado

“Mysterious Postcard Collector” sent this very nice photo through the mail, as a postcard, of an original photo of the Loveland Ski Area — along with a request to send him or her a million postcards. Well, not all from me; this individual has somehow gotten the idea into his (let’s stick with the generic pronoun, shall we?) head of amassing one million postcards. Naturally, I obliged. It’s a challenge for me to store my own collection (somewhere between one and two thousand, I think) and, necessity being a mother, I am hoping that he’ll come up with some good ideas for the rest of us.

Since the goal seems to be quantity, not quality, I say let’s oblige him.┬áIf you’ve got an old advertising postcard, unwanted card, or just plain ugly card, why not pop it in the mail?

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2 Responses

  1. Christine says:

    Oh, I think I personally have close to a million really boring and ugly postcards. I can’t bring myself to throw them away, but I keep hoping that I will meet someone who actually collects postcards of:
    Interior shots of Mt. Vernon
    Caves with stalactites
    Parking lots
    Interiors of churches
    statues of saints

    I hope he/she isn’t sorry!

  2. Mysterious Postcard Collector says:

    Thank you for posting the postcard I sent :-)

    Yes, My goal is to collect a million postcards…. Which is definitely quantity….

    BUT If someone sends in an outstanding postcard, I add it to my “BEST” list! So there is a place for quality too! Someone recently sent an outstanding painting, the postcard was actually the canvas they painted on…..

    Have a great day!

    – MPC :-)

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