The Somerset House Motel, Las Vegas

Somerset House Motel, Las Vegas

Right on Convention Center Drive in Las Vegas, between the Convention Center and the Stardust Hotel. What could be more convenient? A lot of things, apparently, because this motel was demolished in October, 2011. But it sounds like it was a nice place in its prime: “The Somerset house is a spacious, luxuriously furnished 3-story motel consisting of 104 units, combining the comforts of home and the most modern hotel conveniences: restaurant cocktail lounge, coffee shop, adjacent. Eighty (80) kitchenettes are available. Direct Dial Phones, Color TV & Radio in every room; olympic size heated swimming pool, central air-conditioning and heating, electric elevator and complimentary coffee are only a few of the many features offered at Las Vegas’ most distinctive and inviting motel.” Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

Now that the Somerset House is gone, you’ll need someplace else to get some sleep. Check out the folks at Theme Thursday for some suggestions.

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